Muslims and Political Participation in Britain at University of Edinburgh, 20-21 April 2012

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This conference looked at diverse issues related to the political participation of Muslims in Great Britain, from civil society, social media and youth movements to identity, environmentalism and gender post 9/11.


A special  free panel discussion on 'Muslims and the political process' in Soctland, at the Scottish Parliament, was held on Friday 20th of April, with speakers from a range of political parties in Scotland, chaired by Mona Siddiqui.


Speakers at the conference included Shabana Basheer (MADE in Europe), Rosemary Hancock (University of Sydney), Khursheed Wadia (University of Warwick), Ekaterina Braginskaia (University of Edinburgh), Sean McLoughlin (University of Leeds), Mohammad Mesbahi (The Islamic College, London), Nasar Meer (University of Northumbria), Farid Panjwani (Aga Khan University), Asma Mustafa (University of Oxford), Brooke Storer-Church (University of Bristol), Tehmina Kazi (British Muslims for Secular Democracy), Jan Dobbernack (University of Bristol), Jamil Sherif (Muslim Council of Britain), Maria Sobolewska (University of Manchester), Stephen H. Jones (University of Bristol), Justin Gest (Harvard University), Parveen Akhtar (University of Bristol), Sieglinde Rosenberger (University of Vienna), Fatima Zibouh (University of Liege), Joost Berkhout (University of Amsterdam) & Didier Ruedin (University of Neuchatel).


20th and 21st April 2012

John McIntyre Conference Centre, Edinburgh


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